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TechCrunch50 Flickr Set

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Few pics taken during TechCrunch50 2009.

Starting is Easy TechCrunch Stage TechCrunch Stage TechCrunch Stage TechCrunch Stage After Party After Party After Party After Party After Party After Party Streets of San Francisco Streets of San Francisco iPhone IPhone Apple TechCrunch50 Exclusive news: @1938media and milky cow merger :) lol TechCrunch50 Lunch Panel Good people @scobleizer and @1938media Rackup Marc Rochman getting ready to step on stage.

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Goodbye Web 2.0, Welcome back ROI

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

TechCrunch50 just ended last night in San Francisco. What is it all about? Mostly a good chance to monitor the industry pulse. To meet new people, to share experience and learn to listen.

First edition of TechCrunch50 (actually it was 40) gathered a lot of attention. Too much for an unprepared team of bloggers/entrepeneurs but certainly not event planner. We were all bitching about the lack of internet, mobile network, seats, drinks, audio, timing. Everything was bad or wrong, but the audience was there, internet rock stars came and talentuous Mike Arrington and Jason Calacanis saved the show. Most terrible choice was certainly on the selection of potential candidates to go on stage. Even though looking at it a couple of years later we see they didn’t miss by selecting Mint.com as the winner.

Second edition of the most hyped Web 2.0 event was better organized – not hard to do so- selection was obviously more professional and panelists still sharp on their analysis. We were at the early stage of the recession, full of hope but extremely careful on the outcome. I felt this second edition as a global euphoria in a great time of uncertainty.  Last year winner was also a good but safe choice : yammer.com. Nothing could go wrong with a company surfing on Twitter vibes.

Last 2 days were definitely better than past editions. Lesson learned for Arrington and Calacanis. Everything was perfect. I must give them huge credit for providing top notch internet service, excellent real-time video streaming and perfect timing during the event. When food was insufficient Calacanis ordered 60 pizzas – I can only imagine the happiness of pizzaiolo receiving a 60 pizzas order…

I was first surprised by the low number of attendees. From a non scientific count my guess is 35% less then last year. But it was quality people. It made untouchable people reachable. I was able to chat with Marissa Mayer, Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Don Dodge and Reid Hoffman in a very open way. There was a true community around entrepreneurship with no voyeurs or curious peeps. Upsetting glitch when Paul Carr wrote a stupid post about the American flag being on stage. If you have no talent you must hide it with something. Carr found provocation to be the solution. Anyway too much ink on this low life douchbag journalist. Back to TechCrunch50 and the 2009 list of nominees. There was a shift from 2007 smoke and mirrors start-ups to 2009 small businesses with a valid model. All competitors had a plan to make money not just to bring traction and wait for a strategy. Economy is certainly the real reason behind the change of mentality. RedBeacon – the big winner- aims to help consumers find local service providers such as plumbers, bakers, and contractors. A basic service to fill basic needs. I want to give a thumb-up to Rackup launched by my friend Marc Rochman. Marc did a great job on stage. 5 min to describe 18 months of research and hard work is not an easy task. Kudos to the Rackup team.

Arrington called a surprise panelist to comment presentations – Chamillionaire. Not the everyday geek you see at tech conventions…but I must recognize the guy had a good analysis on most start-ups. For future editions Arrington should have more street-smart experts – it does make a difference.

In conclusion TechCrunch50 minus the hype and plus the maturity was a great show. Looking forward attending 2010 edition.

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